What your weddies online wedding album offers you

Easy sharing with guests

Simply upload your wedding photos and videos to your weddies online wedding album, send album link and password to your guests and you'll be able to view your photos and videos from anywhere. No more annoying files zipping or sending photo books around!

Easily collect all photos

Uncle Jim and cousin Sarah also have photos and videos of your wedding? No problem! Guests are also allowed to upload photos to your weddies online wedding album. So you have all your wedding photos and videos in one place. Depending on your wishes, either all or only selected guests are allowed to upload and of course you have the option to delete them if you don't like them.

Video upload

Long awaited by our newlyweds and now finally ready for you: From now on you can also upload your wedding videos to your weddies online wedding album.

Download for free

Downloading all photos and videos (at least in HD resolution) is completely free for you and for your guests .

Create any number of folders

In your album you can create any number of folders, e.g. reception, getting ready, church and sort your photos even more clearly.

Super easy operation

We have made it super easy for you to create the album, upload and download the photos and videos as well as the entire management of your album. We just want you to enjoy your weddies online wedding album.

No registration of guests

Your guests don't have to register to view your photos and videos! You also don't have to download an app, because weddies is also available as a website. Your guests only need your album link and album password. That's it! Simple, right?

No advertising

No matter which weddies online wedding album you choose, we won't place any ads in your album! Yes, not even in the free basic album. All our wedding albums are 100% ad-free.

Photos in very high resolution

With the free base wedding album, EVERYONE can download the photos in HD quality for free. HD quality is sufficient for all ordinary photo articles from e.g. prints, posters, photo books, etc. With the Premium Wedding Album, the photos are even available in Ultra HD resolution.

Share photographer pictures

Of course, your photographer may also upload photos directly to your album if they receive the access data from you. The weddies online wedding album can handle large amounts of data very well.

Free for guests

There are no costs and obligations for your guests! They can view and even download all photos and videos without registering, all completely free of charge.

Unlimited number of guests

10, 50, 100 or 500 guests? It doesn't matter! You can invite as many guests to your weddies online wedding album as you want. There are no limits to you.

Invite guests as you wish

Whether by email, Whats app or QR code on the thank you card, you decide for yourself how you want to share the album link and the album password with your guests. There are no limits to your creativity.

Personal album link

You can assign the name of your weddies online wedding album yourself and create a personal album link. This is much more beautiful and personal than a random and impersonal order of numbers and letters that no one can remember or a QR code that older generations cannot handle.

Password-protected album

Your album is protected with the password you have assigned. Only those who know this password will have access to your wedding photos and videos.


Do you not like one or more photos or videos uploaded by your guests or your photographer? Then, as a newlywed, you can simply delete them. Your wedding - your decision!

Photo prints, USB sticks, DVDs

We work with a photo lab so that you can easily order photo prints or data carriers directly from your album.

No social media integration

We do not link your album to Facebook or other social media platforms, as the security of your wedding photos and videos as well as privacy are very important to us.

Website & App

Tastes are different. For this reason weddies is available as an app and as a website. This means you don’t have to force guests to download an app and the younger generation can still use the app their smartphone. A website also makes it easier for you and your wedding photographer to upload larger quantities of photos.

Apple App Store Google Play Store

weddies iMac & iPhone


German data protection

weddies is a German product with headquarters in Germany. The servers on which we store your wedding photos and videos are located in a German data center and are subject to German data protection laws. The security of your data, photos and videos is our top priority.

Closed society

It's your wedding photos and videos and you decide who can see them. Only those who have the album link and album password will have access to your photos and videos. So it's up to you who you invite into your weddies online wedding album and who needs to stay outside.

Encrypted data transfer

All your data is transmitted encrypted and is therefore best protected from third parties.


No hidden costs

You can choose between the free basic album or a paid premium album. With a premium album, you only have to pay once when you create the album. Additional costs only arise if you order photo prints, USBs or DVDs. All other features are completely free.

No automatic renewal

Fair play is important to us. Therefore, there is no automatic renewal of your weddies online wedding album. You will receive an email about 30 days before your album expires, which will tell you the end of your album and then you can actively decide if you want to extend it.

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